The OD NTL program, has changed my practice as an internal organizational practitioner, through a deeper awareness of self and the proven methodologies and applications of the Organization Development field. This has enabled a greater impact to my organization through many large-scale change efforts, to ensure market competitiveness, in addition to ensuring a finer lens of harnessing the power of our employees through proven universal truths of the field. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is focusing on architecting/leading large scale change efforts.
— Tracy Platt, VP of HR, Global Medical Device Company

NTL was a ‘before and after’ event for me. By offering my full self, I was able to unlock my full self. I consider myself fortunate that NTL was an impactful portion of my journey. The faculty, participants, alumni, and the approach are top notch. This programme comes with my highest recommendation for those interested in OD.
— John Hovell, Head of Organisation Development, BAE Systems plc

I experienced a transformational shift in me as a result of going through the NTL programme; it expanded my thinking and being, and extended my behavioural flexibility. It offered a coherent approach to the work I do, added to my range of tools and approaches, and enhanced my confidence in working with these. I appreciated the combination of experiential approach and theoretical foundation, which continues to underpin my work. I also valued working with great fellow participants and clients on the programme, and my development continues to be enriched by ongoing relationships with many members of the NTL community. I self-funded and it was worth every penny and more - a hugely valuable experience.
— Maureen Ghirelli, Organisation Development and Human Resources Interim Consultant and Coach

The NTL programme has transformed my work, practice, and life. I now have a greater awareness of me, the practice of OD, and how I turn up and make a difference. The course content, reading material and faculty far exceeded my expectations and has provided me with access to knowledge and experience that I will continue to make use of for a long time. Completing the programme was challenging but greatly rewarding. I now have a group of friends and colleagues that has formed a lasting community. Do it!
— Paul West, OD & Change Consultant

When I started the NTL OD Certificate I knew I was assured of world class faculty and a very well designed programme appropriate for today’s world of work. What I hadn’t expected was the depth of learning I would have about myself as an individual and as a practitioner. Nor had I anticipated the strength of connection, challenge and growth that would come from an amazing, diverse cohort of co-learners.

I definitely finished the programme much better equipped, with a worldwide network and with many more resources.

— Soraya Robertson, Leadership & Management Development Manager, NATS

I completed the NTL programme about 5 years ago (Cohort 4!). After almost 15 years experience in HR, across a number of countries, the programme marked a pivotal point in my career. The faculty is phenomenal – challenging while provide a safe positive environment to think, reflect but also practice key skills. An MBA for the soul!
— Meena Anand, HR Director of a Leading International Bank
I approached one of the deans to ask if they would be willing to give me some professional coaching, only to be told “No - but I will invite you onto the NTL Programme.” A little shocked I politely declined. Three months later I rang up and asked tentatively for some more information, to be told “It starts next week - come along for the first module and see what you think … “

I went, and I saw!

I found myself in a group that over the following year helped to gently deconstruct my understanding of 25 years of professional and personal development and re-assemble it in a new way.

I am an engineer turned management consultant. I had led major projects, I had worked overseas, I had facilitated change in the public and third sector and it (I am told) had done it pretty well. What NTL gave me was a well grounded framework for understanding WHY my past change interventions had gone well when it did, and in other cases WHY NOT. However it went far beyond ‘mechanistic change theory that you could read in a book.

The key lesson for me was the principle of ‘Self as instrument’ - learning by direct (and at times painful) experience throughout the programme, what effect my presence, my words, my way of being in any group, in any room, had on the outcome of that situation. This is a lesson I am still learning today and I know will need to continue to learn every day in the future. It is this potent mix of well grounded theory and live experiential learning, supported by a diverse cohort of colleagues, that made the NTL programme such a powerful learning experience for me.

I did not become an OD practitioner by attending the programme - that was not my aim. I am still consulting, but now with a sharper focus on how my work seeks to move and support not just the client organisations whom I serve, but the individuals I meet and work with in that organisation in their own development.

I wholeheartedly commend the programme not only to OD professionals, but to any organisational leader who is ready to take a major step forward in their understanding of how organisations really work and how to play your part in transforming them to become more productive, effective and supportive.
— Dr Paul Brand, Management Consultant and Facilitator

For me this was without a shadow of a doubt the seminal moment of my personal and personal and professional development journey and I use what I learned about life, learning, and myself on a daily basis, I have sent several team members on the programme since and would recommend it to anyone, though be prepared for a tough, yet rewarding development journey to begin.
— Dawn Jarvis, Turnaround Director and former Director of People & OD, NHS

This is a brilliant programme. I gained so much knowledge, skill, confidence from doing it and made some amazing friends. I would totally recommend to anyone who currently works in Change, leadership, Strategy or HR . . . or in fact any leader who wants to understand how to truly engage with people and bring about change and most importantly learn a huge amount about yourself.
— Sheena Cartwright, Freelance Organisational Developmet Consultant
I did the programme some 4-5 years ago while I was leading a team for a small O&G company to prepare them for an acquisition they had made that would take them to first time operatorship in the North Sea. So, I wasn’t employed as an OD consultant but as an acquisition and merger transition consultant. I had to deal with the seller, the buyer, and the contractor organisations as well as the government and the co-venture partners. Then there were also the TUPE transferees etc.

The NTL Certificate Programme gave me the confidence and the tools to hold a series of cross-organisational events. Even though I had no other OD support in this year-long transition project, I didn’t feel alone. I had my NTL network. It was one of the most enjoyable and successful periods of my career. NTL was a big part of that.
— David Morrish, Organisational Development Consultant, Oil & Gas

I did the OD certificate in 2010-11, after my redundancy from Barnardo’s, and it certainly changed my life. It gave me a theoretical and ethical underpinning for what I’d encountered in organisational life. The concept of self as an instrument offered me ways to bring to my work the stuff I wrestle with and care deeply about in my personal life. The NTL programme helped me dream new dreams for myself and my work and gave me the tools, community and confidence to start doing something about it!

I would especially recommend this for anyone at a life/career crossroads and wondering what he hell to do next... It’s not cheap but if you can find the money from somewhere you will not be disappointed. I paid for myself and it was worth every penny! It is remarkable work and the faculty (Phil Mix and Mary Anne Rainey in particular) are outstanding.
— Julian Walker

Attending the NTL programme cohort 6 has been a lifelong learning for me, which continues to have effects on my practice through continuous “checking” with self. The way I question and evolve my practice enables me since then to manage my boundaries with “client-system” in an healthy and impactful fashion. The programme has provided me with a “frame” of thinking, being and interacting, which is invaluable. Attending the programme is surely not about accumulating new content, theories, concepts (it might just be to a certain extend)-unless you want to be a “tourist” or a “consumer” .It is more about throwing yourself into an experience every minute, “here and now”, with other participants, faculties to further develop your unique edge and style. It is about being a traveler and enjoying every new landscape that presents at you through the design, the content, and most importantly through the interaction with others, to eventually end up being transformed.
— Geneviève Diet, Head of Pharmaceuticals R&D Change Management, GlaxoSmithKline Ltd

My experience of doing the NTL OD Certificate Programme was that it was a tremendous learning experience that was significant, paradigm shifting and on occasion took me out of my “comfort zones”.
A key aspect for me was how the learning was embedded experientially – we didn’t just do theory. From Day One we were encouraged to use it which for me meant a deeper, more impactful kind of learning. I was re-introduced to models I had already “learned”, or thought I had, and then I realised I hadn’t really but now it was making sense. There were many “Aha” moments on this course.
Another important aspect was the challenging “live” client experiences. Then there are the highly gifted and experienced course leaders who were a joy to learn from.
I cannot recommend this course too highly.
— Clive Martinez, Independent Human Resources, Organisational Development Consultant & Executive Coach

The NTL programme cohort 7 increased my effectiveness in ways no other programme has. The chance to work on group projects over and over helped me to see clearly what I offer to a team and how to offer it with much more clarity and confidence. I now understand that through developing and owning my strengths – especially compassion – that I can stand strong whilst being flexible in the service of my clients maintaining my own integrity and being myself. I can unapologetically be myself and as a result people are seeing the real me and are valuing the real me. This in turn means the quality and impact of my work is greater than before and for this I am extremely grateful. Meeting so many fantastic people who are working hard on their own journeys was a real privilege. I would recommend this programme to anyone who cares deeply about improving their capability and capacity and has the time to commit to the sessions. Thank you from my head and my heart.
— Julie Kaya, Inclusion and OD Consultant

I applied to participate in the 2015-2016 NTL OD program, based on the advice of a seasoned OD consultant, and it is difficult for me to express how thankful I am for that advice!

Although only half-way through the program, I can already say that it has exceeded all my expectations, and is providing me EXACTLY what I was looking for to support my career change from line management to consulting. It is providing me with the tools, concepts, practice, and self-awareness needed to be an effective consultant.

The quality, diversity and experience of the faculty is outstanding. The program strikes a very effective balance between presenting theory in a comprehensive yet digestible format and providing opportunity to learn through real-life consulting practice.

In addition to the faculty, the quality, diversity and experience of the other participants is wonderful and I feel privileged to be able to learn from them and also build my network. I have already generated business through one of the other participants.

I’m really looking forward to the last part of the program - thank you NTL!
— David Patrick, Founder/Owner, Insider Consulting

My time on Cohort One was pivotal in my OD practice … I had recently set up my own business and enjoyed meeting a new network of colleagues who I could learn with and from, many of whom I have remained in contact with and in some cases worked with over the following years; the faculty inspired me around new ways of thinking and more so, being; methodologies and experiences that were in some cases unique to me at the time, have become familiar parts of my practice over the years! I continue to be involved, occasionally mentoring people on the newer cohorts, as believe this is a great programme for anyone in the OD space, or wanting to learn more about it.
— Kim Birnie, Founder & Managing Director at Leap Ahead Ltd, an Executive Coaching, Talent & Leadership Development Consultancy

The course has enabled me to grow and develop as an OD practitioner in gaining an understanding of the balance of using myself as an instrument and at the same time what model/framework underpinned what I am doing. I am now able to contract much more clearly with clients, integrate who I am and know my intention far better. I am far more aware of levels at which I am working and thinking in a systems framework.
— Diane Wilkinson, Managing Director, Diane Wilkinson & Associates Ltd

The NTL programme has been the best investment in my self development. The faculty created the conditions for people to be stretched, to experiment and to make visible and felt the worth of every individual. The experiential modules enabled me to apply the OD principles and theory to a range of organisational challenges and to remain curious, open minded and adaptable at work and in the complex, diverse world we live in.
— Anushia Reddy, Independent Consultant and Occupational Psychologist

max gooding.jpg
The NTL OD program opened a door for me into a different world both personally and professionally. I explored things I thought I knew and things I had experienced but had not been able to understand or name. And this learning journey hasn’t stop at the end of program - I am still riding that wave 5 years on, seeing and connecting, exploring more as my insight and knowledge grows. I made some great and deep friendships within my cohort, and I draw on them and the wider alumni for support, provocation, and challenge whenever I am in need. The best investment I ever made.
— Max Gooding, Director, Gooding & Wood

MIKE POUNSFORD 03 Oct 2012.jpg
The programme, which I completed in 2011 – 2012, represented a significant investment for me not just in fees and accommodation etc costs but also in time out of the business. So I entered with high expectations and realised on the second day of the first T Group week – what NTL calls the Human Interaction Laboratory – that I was in the right place. Benefits for me were increased self-awareness, increased understanding of the value that differences and diversity brings to work and decisions, increased confidence in myself and my work, better understanding of what I can and cannot do, more appreciation of what the use of self means and how to use it wisely, many new approaches and models to bring to the work that I do and insights into myself, my colleagues, my clients and their issues. Most important though for me has been the network: the immediate colleagues in my T Group and wider cohort and the contacts and friends I have made across other cohorts following the programme in NTL Alumni and related events. It has been one of the most important learning events in my career.
— Mike Pounsford, Founder and Director, Couravel Limited

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When I came to NTL I had only briefly scratched the surface of Organisation Development. When I left I understood more who I am, how I bring myself to the work, the theory that underpins OD and how I can step back and learn from situations regardless of outcome. In short, I became an OD practitioner through the programme and support around it, support which continues to sustain my practice now.
— Tim Burridge, Senior Manager Capability Development, Ofqual (UK Office of Qualifications & Examinations Regulation)

steve hurst.jpg
Having spent over 15 years in L&D I came onto the course not really knowing quite what to expect. The course had been vigorously endorsed by a colleague of mine as something I would get a lot out of attending. That was an understatement! As a result of attending the course and applying it in my freelance consultancy practice, I have now been given the opportunity to Head Learning & Development for a global technology FTSE 50 company. Without any question, it was the skills I learnt my awareness in terms of use of self that has led to this opportunity. I am very grateful to all at NTL for their support and challenge over the past year.
— Steve Hurst, Co-Founder and Director, Sherman Hill Consulting Ltd

tessa sharp.jpg
I have rather more years’ experience of executive learning and OD than I’d care to mention. However, there were two distinct things that I sought to gain from the programme; a greater awareness of self … and a stronger theoretical foundation stone of knowledge that I could use to inform my interventions in service of my clients.

Well, what can I say? … having now completed the programme I have come away with all that I’d hoped for, and so much more! The programme and faculty offer a learning opportunity that is challenging and intense, yet safe and incredibly supportive. Whilst the cohort groups are larger than I’m used to (approx. 30-35 people), each faculty member was so individually attentive and I felt a real level of personal care and support. The faculty were really impressive; humble and incredibly generous of spirit to share their extensive knowledge, skill and experience.

The icing on the cake was the supportive community of our peer group. I worked within two different cohorts of peers and it was such a joy to learn alongside highly experienced, curious, caring and thoroughly lovely people! The mix of diversity; from all over the world, different sectors, gender and experience resulted in an incredibly rich and fertile soil which raised the bar from the very first meeting.

Thanks to you all … my practice is enriched and I have made friendships, both personally and professionally, that I have no doubt will stand the test of time.
— Tessa Sharp, Executive Partner, Alchemy Worldwide Limited

The NTL programme was game changing in terms of my OD practice and myself as a practitioner. Most OD programmes will give you the theory, the NTL programme gave me the theory and the environment in which to experiment with practice. It challenged me to explore my own beliefs, values and assumptions and the space to explore personal factors, which were playing out in my client relationships. The cohort and programme was both a catalyst and anchor in a period of huge personal change and growth.

I took a leap of faith and self funded the programme when I didn’t have the support, money or time to do it - it all worked out.
— Sandi Drewett, Director of Human Resources and Organisation Development, East London NHS Foundation Trust, Cohort 8

john mav.jpg
What I took from the programme was much less on the academic side I’m afraid. I feel, and this is a somewhat critical point, that a lot of OD is out of date being very 60s/70s and at best 80s based. At times, I even felt that some of the more theoretical approach I can reject - perhaps because of its date but also because it was “taught” as the “right way”. Perhaps, paradoxically, because of that, the course gave me the courage to do something I’d never done before, that rejection of an academic stance, as I’ve always valued intellectual debates and research. What I valued immensely was the real lived experience of colleagues and what is happening for them in their environments, and hearing and learning about the situations they are trying to positively influence. I also valued highly the contribution and way of “being” by the core faculty - that this work is important, that it’s worth giving it all your heart and that you always have something to learn. By core faculty, I mean mainly Mee-Yan and you Phil. From Mee-Yan, it was about having huge care and passion in what you do, and from you Phil, it was your “non-reactive presence”.I still remember and try to use that, difficult at times as it is. So thank you.
— John P Mavrommatis, Senior Manager - One Learning and Development, PwC

Two and half years ago we relocated to Herefordshire and have been loving my job - more professional leadership than pure OD work, and a bit of clinical work thrown in, but rarely a week goes by when I am not drawing upon the learning from the OD programme.”
— Damian Gardner, ‪Lead Clinical Psychologist (Hereford), 2Gether Trust