What is THIS organiSation development programme? 

Organisation Development (OD) promotes organisation health and effectiveness in the face of challenges in…

  • Adapting to the increasing pace of change

  • Dealing with complex problems

  • Integrating and aligning resources

  • Building sustainable capacity to achieve success

Programme Benefits

  • Develop the capacity to view and understand organisations as systems

  • Expand skills in specialised OD areas via powerful experiential learning

  • Learn why, when and how to intervene at different levels of system

  • Increase ability to use one’s self as an instrument for intervention

  • Learn practical skills to establish productive relationships with clients and work groups, including through experimenting with the application of module learning to real work situations

  • Learn from working with colleagues within a cohort community setting in which multiple individuals and groups create a climate for dynamic learning

  • Learn about the foundational principles of OD, how and why they have evolved over time, and how they continue to influence current OD theories and methods

Other Unique Features

  • A uniquely diverse faculty, offering a broad range of practitioner work, scholarly practice, and learning methods; face-to-face learning methods are complemented with occasional virtual inputs from, and discussions with, pioneering figures in the OD field

  • Participants are encouraged to form mentoring relationships with alumni from previous cohorts; mentors offer one-to-one peer mentoring between modules, providing support and help in integrating programme learning into day-to-day practice

  • Building the cohort as a learning community to create and disseminate knowledge and practice, including outside the modules and beyond the programme (supported by the NTL alumni association)

  • Explicit ongoing attention within a safe environment to embracing diversity and inclusion and sharing learning about individual, group and organisation change


Who Participates in the programme?

Most participants are experienced practitioners and managers/leaders. Annual cohorts have been comprised of HR leaders/managers, change agents (leaders / senior and middle managers), OD practitioners (internal and external), talent management and leadership development professionals, and communications and engagement professionals.

The programme also offers a limited number of spaces to people with many years of work and life experience who are contemplating changes in their work. Usually, they have had experience of OD interventions and they would like to incorporate OD principles in their next work.

While, historically, the majority of cohort members have been British residents, the programme actively encourages and includes participants from EMEA, Asia Pacific, and the Americas. Maximum diversity of organisational experiences and personal backgrounds enhances the richness of the learning experience.



Founded in 2007 by NTL members Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge and Phil Mix, the programme is the longest-running OD certificate programme of its kind in the UK and Europe. Under Mee-Yan’s leadership as Dean, the programme grew in reputation and annual cohort size, with an alumni population of more than 300.  Several faculty members have been with the programme since its start, ensuring that each year’s programme learning is incorporated into the next year’s programme planning.

Today Shelly Hossain and Julie Beedon who are Directors of OC Europe (NTL) Ltd act as Programme Co-Deans with support from Mary Ann Rainey (who acted as Dean 2017-19) as Academic Advisory Dean. David Kirk Beedon is Interim Programme Manager following the death of Cindy Chaney who successfully fulfilled this role for several years.



NTL Institute

Founded in 1947, the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science (a US-based organisation) is a not-for-profit educational institution whose purpose is to strengthen relationships and organisations by fostering self-awareness and interpersonal, group and whole system effectiveness.  NTL was instrumental in creating the field of organisation development during the 1960s.  NTL provides training and education in over twenty countries. NTL publishes the quarterly Journal for Applied Behavioral Science, as well as a range of practitioner-oriented books including The NTL Handbook of Organisation Development and Change. For more information on NTL, visit www.ntl.org. As a US registered charity, NTL Institute cannot conduct commercial business outside the US. 

ODC Europe (NTL) Ltd

ODC Europe (NTL) Ltd is a UK-based, not-for-profit, limited company established by NTL members for the purpose of managing and marketing the NTL Global OD Certificate Programme – UK. The Company also provide customised programmes for organisations as well as consulting support to OD Capacity Development.

The joint sponsorship is dedicated to promoting the NTL Institute’s mission, vision and values, applying commercial disciplines to the extent that doing so is necessary to sustain a leading-edge programme for future generations of organisation development practitioners.